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Sent: Wednesday, September 03, 2003 3:09 PM

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Subject: Welcome to the WSA 2003 Expert Panel


WELCOME TO THE WSA 2003 Expert Panel!


Dear Mr. Kissoondoyal,


In advance of the formal air mail letter of invitation and appointment, we are happy to inform you by email, that the Board of Directors of the World Summit Award would like to invite your outstanding expertise in the selection of the finalists for the Award from Mauritius. You have been selected from among the 379 Eminent Expert nominations from 133 countries which were received from the leading governmental, industry and NGO institutions and associations in the field of e-content, multimedia, internet and ICT.


In 2003, the world's best products in e-content and creativity will be selected in the World Summit Award 2003 by the Eminent Expert Panel. Your main task as a member of the Panel is to nominate best multimedia products or applications in eight WSA categories from Mauritius according to the guidelines of the WSA 2003 and to register them no later than September 20th, so that the producers and rights holder can be contacted for their permission in time by the end of the month. In the following separate mail you will receive the document, outlining the guidelines for the way of selection and the 3 step products nomination process.


Please let us know that you agree to take on this task and that you are able to meet this deadline.

Your nominations will be done by entering the product data into the WSA product registration database. Please use the following way to enter them:


Link: http://www.europrix.org/ICNM_Admin/wsis/ProdNom03/

Your Expert ID:

Your Password:


If you should have any questions or comments on the process and/or the task to which you are invited, please feel free to contact us at wsa-networking@icnm.net any time. We are most happy to assist you and look forward to your product nominations.


For the WSA Office and Contest Team


Anastasia Konstantinova

WSA Project Manager


PS: Please take note that the official letter from the Chairman of the Board will be sent to you by air mail or fax in the next days.


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