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Dave Kissoondoyal

Dave Kissoondoyal

Dave Kissoondoyal

Dave Kissoondoyal

Dave Kissoondoyal

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The MMM is proposing to widen the democracy process by granting the right to vote, at the regional elections, at the age of 16 years to bring Mauritian younger generation into the mainstream of our political process. The right to vote is a fundamental political right. It is the cornerstone of all our other basic rights. We want to ensure that this right is granted to the young people starting at the age of 16. We want to start with the Regional Elections first and are still under discussions concerning the Legislative Elections

 Democracy is about Government for the People and by the People - not just for the people. “By the people” means that the people should have the ability to vote and participate actively in any free election. Participation in an election is a fundamental human right. When we deny people at the age of 16 to vote, we are marginalizing our young people and at the same time depriving them of something they have a basic right to do.

By giving right to vote at the age of 16 for regional elections, we are sensitizing our younger generation to be interested in Politics. We are thus giving them a platform to be heard and enable them to be politically active.

 Young people believe they do not know enough about the political system because they are not welcomed to understand it. Giving then the right to vote will enhance the understating of the whole political process. They will acquire the potential to influence policy and exert change. Henceforth politicians will develop more youth-focused policies.

Our youth of 16 need the right to vote as today this younger generation of people are far better equipped intellectually, physically, and emotionally to make the type of choices involved in a voting process.

Today the youth is much more aware on all the crucial issues of our society and time. Due to high impact of technology, the Internet and Social Media our youth are extremely well informed. More so because the way our society has evolved for the past decade.

 The MMM believes that by lowering the voting age to 16, we will encourage civic responsibility at an earlier age, and thereby promote lasting social involvement and political participation for our youth. We will improve the overall quality of our electorate, and make it more truly representative of our society. By adding our younger generation at the age of 16 to the electorate, we will gain a group of enthusiastic, sensitive, idealistic and vigorous new voters. 

Democracy flourishes on engagement and this engagement should start at the age of 16.